About The Silentist


My name is Kiyoshi Martinez and I started The Silentist in August 2010 to start documenting my journey to discover my personal style. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be named one of Gilt MANual’s 25 Most Follow-Worthy Tumblrs and Complex Style’s 25 Best Men’s Style Tumblrs Right Now.

In addition to writing here, I was a regular contributor at Put This On, where I wrote about great deals, real people with great style and other menswear topics that I feel a wide audience will appreciate.

Currently, I work at J. Lawrence Khaki’s Men’s Clothier of Carmel  (follow us on Tumblr) and live in Pacific Grove, Calif. 

I also run the following blogs:

  • Clamorist: A catalogue of men’s clothing, shoes & accessories that I’m obsessed with at the moment.
  • Steezy Asian Dudes: Exactly what it sounds like. 

You can contact me at thesilentist@gmail.com or leave me a comment via Tumblr’s ask function.

Please note: At this time, I’m no longer doing any collaborations, writing reviews or providing promotion for brands, companies or services as it would be a conflict of interest with my current job. 

About The Silentist

A menswear blog on finding your personal style, written by Kiyoshi Martinez.

I work at Khaki's of Carmel and live in the Monterey Bay area. Formerly from Chicago.

E-mail me, I'm fairly nice: thesilentist@gmail.com

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