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I realize it’s been a slow week here at the blog, but I’ve been occupied with a few (good) things during the evening and a few (annoying, bad) things during the daytime. I’m going to be working on some stuff over the weekend for the upcoming week.

In the meantime, some #menswear long reads for those of you who’ve grown bored of looking at NYFW:

A charcoal suit is quite literally a suit of armour for many men - it is austere enough for business and respectful enough for mourning. It can transform in to the most dignified of English dress, or be slick and mode for those looking for more edge. I prefer it to black in all bar a dinner suit, especially when the cloth is tightly woven with a little sheen.

They are awesome.

I know that most of my followers aren’t going to do their own alterations, nor have the desire to do so. And that’s cool. I don’t hate cha. But I do hope that if you are contemplating making the leap, you do so. It’s not the most fun, but it is really rewarding. And it’ll help you save money.

Have a great weekend!

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