I'm in the market for some rain/snow boots. I live in North central Indiana, where the weather is very similar to Chicago. I'm leaning towards 8" Bean boots. Any suggestions? If I do get Bean boots, would you advise me to get the ones with a lining or not? If so which one (thinsulate, shearling, wool)?

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I’m a fan of L.L.Bean Boots, too. I have a pair and they worked wonders last winter. Whether or not you go waxed canvas or leather uppers is to you. I personally went with leather.

For linings, I decided against it. Linings are great for insulation, but so are really thick wool socks (which L.L.Bean also sells). If you go with insulation, just get your regular size. If you decide against it, then size down according to their instructions.

I personally only wore mine for commuting and the occasional shoving of snow, so I was able to get away without lining. If you’ve got a lot of hiking, hunting, walking, etc. planned in them, then maybe the lining wouldn’t be such a terrible idea.

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