My attempt to make a list of all the people at the Chi meetup last night.


Please reply and help me out! Sorry if I forgot names or people! If there is another list floating around let me know.

Tom - suitsandboots

Kiyoshi - theslientist

Stacey - staceyjoy

Eric - theodinspire

Ernest - aldoushuxtable

I believe this is kyle? Collin - daftsman

Sam - ordinaryglory

Corey - goingoutgoingin


Nat - threepleatminimum)

Nicole - nicolemaarja

shit I thought I would remember more peopleā€¦

I’ll add:

Daniel - glasshouseshirtmakers

Lexi - atumblratrandom

Seth - midwestyle

Kathleen - yourleftimright

Kyle - error501

Others? Reblog and add yourself.

(EDITED for updates and corrections.)

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