Question: “Should I buy or rent a tuxedo?”

I received this question from an anonymous reader just now. In short, my answer is “buy”.

This is a fairly common question and lots of other blogs and sites have covered this in-depth before. Having personally been in a situation where I’ve rented a tuxedo from the likes of Men’s Warehouse, I eventually decided to buy a tuxedo on eBay.

If you don’t have the time or patience to wait around on eBay to find that perfect vintage tuxedo for a steal of a deal, then you’re going to be reduced to the retail options. If you have money to blow, I’m sure you know where to go buy a fine tuxedo off-the-rack. But if you’re on the cheap end, then here’s probably the best option I’ve found: Tommy Hilfiger’s trim-fit tuxedo separates on Amazon (jacket & pants).

The jacket is a one-button, shawl-collared tuxedo that’s dual-vented and 100-percent wool. Buying the pants and jacket should run you about $300 together. Keep in mind that most rentals will cost you around $200 and will look like crap.

You’ll probably need a tuxedo shirt. There’s a lot of options out there, but if you have the time, then I’d consider getting one that’s MTM — like from BiasedCut. Cufflinks can be found all over the place at different prices. I would just do a quick search on eBay or Etsy for some mother-of-pearl links. For a bowtie, I bought mine from The Tie Bar.

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  1. ambiguations said: Kent Wang also sells nice cufflinks for $25-60.
  2. noahzagor said: J Crew’s Ludlow tux is a nice two button peak lapel in a slim but not too slim current cut made from Italian wool. It’ll run you about $750 retail I believe, but there’s frequently promos. All in all a solid option for a mid priced tux.
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