Long time fan my friend, I may have to drive up to Chicago for a meetup just to meet you fancy #menswear Godfathers. Anyway, I'm wondering about wingtip price points. I fully understand, embrace, and endorse the common #menswear practice of buying quality that will last long... however I must live within my means at the time being (20 year old university student). Can you recommend any wingtips around $75-125? If there are none worth the buy, I understand that too. Appreciate your time!

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If you ever drive up, I’m sure we’d all be more than happy to welcome you.

As for finding cheap — yet good — wingtips, I’m going to suggest you follow this link to eBay and search for a pair of Allen Edmonds in your size and snipe bids like SEAL Team 6. Just narrow the search filter by size and do a sort by “newly listed” and go back through the entirety of search results. Once a day check back on the same search string and you’ll see all the new pairs that were just listed.

You might find a few pairs to add to your watch list (or maybe that you can buy instantly). Just be sure to check that the soles aren’t too terribly worn out. I’ve bought barely worn Allen Edmonds on there for around $50 before. You just have to babysit on the final seconds of the bid and strike. Takes time and patience, but that’s where you’ll probably find your best deals.

Now, if you want to go brand new and not sit around, then that’s a bit harder. Bump your price range up to $150 and get over to Charles Tyrwhitt. Make sure when prompted you stay on the U.K. site, as the American site has higher prices. All the prices will be in GBP, but when you do the conversions to USD, the prices are actually cheaper than the same item’s counterpart on the U.S. site (yeah, I don’t know either, but they still ship to the U.S. on the U.K. site).

Right now there’s a few choices for 99 GBP ($153.03). You’ve got a merlot longwing with a Dainite sole and brown captoe brogue. There’s a few other similarly priced options, too, worth looking at.

For sizing, take your U.S. shoe size and subtract 1 (ie: US 10.5 is a UK 9.5). If you’re a wide foot, then use the “G” fitting. Please don’t pay attention to CT’s size conversion chart as they don’t tell you to subtract a full size from the U.S. size to get the U.K. equivalent — they tell you to only subtract 0.5 of a size. (This is another reason to NOT use the U.S. site, as they’ll send you the wrong-sized shoe.)

CT’s got free shipping right now, so that’ll also save you money, too. I’ve got one of their boots (review tomorrow) and like it a lot. Their shoes are Goodyear welted and made of full-grain calf. At $150, I think they’re a really good deal.

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  1. thisfits said: Whoa, good tip on the CT UK shipped to US thing. Gotta remember that. Re: eBay, he should use an auto-sniper like Gixen. It’s the Predator drone strike to your SEAL Team 6 analogy.
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