re: tux post. Do you neccessarily need to wear a tux to a black tie event? What about sporting a black suit with a black tie? I could be way off base but had to ask.

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I’d read over this black tie guide. Make of it what you will. I tend to agree with the article’s analysis of deciphering the invitation.

Generally speaking, if I were invited to a black tie event, then I would wear a tuxedo regardless if the invite said “requested”, “recommended”, etc. Ultimately, it’s going to be your call to make.

In regards to black suits, I tend to think they fall short of black tie in many ways. They lack the grosgrain lapels, often have notched lapels, and two button fronts. It strikes me as funeral attire — or like you’re in a Tarantino film. Perhaps it’d be passable in a pinch, however, it won’t have the elegance of a tuxedo for the situation.

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  1. girouxmcisaak said: You also have to look at who is hosting the event. My college friend got married and despite “black tie required”, I was the only person not in the wedding party in a tux. I don’t regret my choice, but knowing the crowd, I could have worn a suit.
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