Megalist: Etsy menswear finds

For quite some time, I’ve been slowly curating a list of menswear items on Etsy that I think look pretty exceptional. While there’s a few semi-well-known Etsy stores (listed below), there’s also a lot of random items out there you more-or-less stumble across through random searches.

Of course, this is mostly reflective of my personal tastes. Still, maybe you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

Great Etsy stores:



Sweaters & Knits:


Blazers & Sport Coats:


Luggage and bags:

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    Thanks so much to the Silentist for mentioning Kinakt’s Pimento Cheese Vintage on this awesome list of menswear Etsians!...
  2. badscene said: Amazing post, but damn you for making me contemplate spending money.
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    I have been doing the same. But I am greedy.
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