Thoughts on man bracelets? Ok for work or no? Where to get them that don't cost a ton?

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Personally, I’m not really a fan and generally don’t know how appropriate they would be in my workplace (then again, I do stuff like go sockless and wear coral-red chinos from time to time, so make of that what you will).

As for your workplace, tough to say without more details. At a law firm or banking institution, wearing one might fall outside of the more conservative atmosphere. Anywhere else though, perhaps it’d be fine if kept “toned down” and you weren’t wearing six inches of them up your arms.

For a dissenting opinion, dieworkwear thinks bracelets can be worn conservatively. He also has a roundup of where to buy some leather bracelets.

Still, I think his list is definitely on the expensive end of the spectrum. A cheaper, but decent-looking alternative would be these Horween shell cordovan woven bracelets from Hellbrand Leatherworks for $55.

A quick search on Etsy also turns up Joe V. Leather and Born in Brooklyn. There’s also Corter and Hollows Leather.

For bead bracelets, I’ve previously mentioned BrryBnds and HomerJ.

ADDING: dieworkwear mentioned in the comments that you should also check out Put This On’s “bracelets” tag for more options he’s found, too.

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  1. thinkingwins said: I work in a professional environment and wear a suit (or at least a jacket) every day. I wear one bracelet opposite my watch. Mine is a piece of leather lacing from a baseball glove I recently purchased (Nokona). It came free, and is simple.
  2. dieworkwear said: Check the bracelets tag at Put This On. I think some good cheap options there.
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