It’s on sale: Lands’ End cashmere neckties — You’re probably aware of the Lands’ End sale going on right now (40% off your highest-priced item, free shipping for orders over $50, coupon code WARMANDCOOL with PIN 5429, ends Friday at midnight), and there’s a lot of decent ways you could use it.

There’s the Allen Edmonds Bayfield boots that StylePoints mentioned and there’s definitely the chance to use it on a suit jacket. But looking through their necktie offerings, I noticed Lands’ End now has two cashmere neckties that look pretty nice.

Both are handsewn, 2.75” wide and 100% cashmere. They’re retailing for $130, which I think is kind of ridiculous when you consider that for $135 you can visit the A Suitable Wardrobe online store and get Drake’s London cashmere neckties.

But, here’s the kicker: while the store description simply says the ties are “imported”, these neckties are actually made in Italy. I know this because I asked a customer service representative today.

At $78 that does look like a fairly good deal compared to what else is out there (eBay sniping aside) and is worth a consideration.

ADDING: It also looks really similar to this Polo RL cashmere tie.

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  1. geezush said: Note: I used the 40% off on the Allen Edmonds MacNeils that Canvas has in their store. Brought the price down to $201.
  2. sashu said: Consider it considered.
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