Hey man, love the blog. Looking for intel on MTM shirting. I'm a slim dude and looking for basic oxfords has been a pain. I remember you had a good experience with ModernTailor's $20/shirt deal a while back. How have those shirts been treating you, and do you have any advice for measuring/ordering from them? Would especially love a quality comparison to BB ESF, which is what I've been wearing. Have the ModernTailors shrunk at all? Any other places I should look? Price range <$60-80/shirt. Thanks

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The shirts are fine. I wear them quite frequently for work. They fit more slimmer than BBESF because I got rid of the box pleat in the back and slimmed the waist a bit more. I didn’t find they shrunk any.

My advice would be to take the BBESF that fits you best and only make a few alterations to the sizing. I wouldn’t screw with things like the armhole under the shoulder and yolk length. Basically, use the first shirt as a test shirt and see how you can tweak it for your next one.

I would also avoid going too tight from pit-to-pit in the chest like a lot of people are tempted to do. Even when you cut that measurement down by 1”, it’s really taking two inches off the chest area.

If you have a shirt that fits decently right now and you want to mimic it, MTM can work really well for you if you’re inputting measurements off the shirt.

Otherwise, go with MyTailor, J.Hilburn or another MTM place that has a real tailor measure you up on-site.

Good luck!

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