I noticed you suggested in an earlier post that an about to be grad student should start wearing ties. I know you later suggest wearing a jacket, but what are your thoughts on shirt, tie, without the jacket? At Put This On it's one of the 25 rules you don't break. However I (also a student) have been recently prone to wearing well-fitted shirts with skinny ties, and was wondering how big a blunder this has been. Thanks, and great blog!

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Yeah, I get why people dig the skinny ties without jackets thing, but I also understand that basic rule.

In general, I think it’s a good rule for a majority of people to follow — especially those new to style. The reason being that most people aren’t buying shirts that are fitted to them and the blousing you get around the waistline doesn’t look good. Add to that a moderately sized width necktie and you get the cubicle farmer look of an office drone who was forced by the company’s dress code to wear a tie and put on a dress shirt.

And that’s a really sloppy look. I see it all the time and most guys if they’re putting on the tie should be wearing a jacket, just to be a slight bit more put together. If they didn’t want to wear a jacket and be more “dressed down”, then they should forgo the tie — at least then you’re comfortably in the “business casual” mold.

Let’s go back to your personal preference of wearing a slimmer tie, fitted shirts, etc. I think that’s a pretty decent look. A lot of people can pull that off. And as with all things style if you’ve got proper fit, then you’re really just doing better than 90% of guys around you.

But my thought is this: You’ve gone through the trouble of getting your stuff to fit right and putting on a necktie — why not go all the way and wear a jacket, too? You’ll be completing the look, you’ll look even better, and your silhouette will be flattered.

I suppose this is my way of saying, "No half measures."

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  1. dieworkwear said: Though it depends on the school you’re going to and the program you will be in, I would urge you to reconsider wearing ties as a grad student. Quickest way to look like a douche, IMO. And I’m a grad student that writes about ties.
  2. m0ym0y said: i see that no half measures reference drop..!! clever
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