Getting married in April next year and we are thinking of suits rather than poorly fitted rental tuxes. Suggestions on an appropriate grey suit? I'm 6'2", 185 lbs, 42 long suit size. Would be looking for something that I could continue to wear after the wedding.

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I suppose it would ultimately depend on the budget you’re working with and what you want your wedding party to pay for their suits. I seem to recall one reader mentioning he had his party order suiting separates from Lands’ End in the same color — that’s certainly a good, low-priced option where everyone at least will walk away with a decent suit for the price of most tuxedo rentals.

Of course, if you and your groomsmen are ballin’ outta control, you could all get made-to-measure suits at Ralph Lauren where you’d be able to specify fabrics and insist upon details like having peaked lapels.

But I think a good, moderately priced option would be J.Crew. Aside from the fact they have suiting separates, which makes getting everyone properly fitting trousers and jackets easier, they also have a lot of stores where your groomsmen could go to get fitted if you all don’t live in the same area.

As for which one to pick, that’s really up to you. I happen to think their double-breasted suit jacket looks pretty nice, but I also understand that many people wouldn’t want to wear a double-breasted suit outside of a more formal setting.

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