I have a question about cold-weather wear. I recently moved from Miami to Philadelphia and I'm really cold. I have a great wool overcoat that I got second-hand, but I have a feeling I'll look a little silly wearing it in October. I've been trying to get by with just a sportcoat and a sweater, but I was wondering if you could recommend something in between. (for reference, I too am a grad student, and I usually wear oxford shirts & chinos, so not too formal.) Thanks, and I love the blog!

- Asked by Anonymous

Get to an army surplus store and find a pea coat. You might not be able to fit a sport coat underneath, but if you’re just wearing a shirt or sweater, then it’ll work out. Pea coats aren’t really my thing, but I do think they look nice and an all-wool one will be plenty warm for you.


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