Question - like most of us, I do plenty of #menswear blog reading. With the fall season among us, I'm picking up on respective color hues but how do these hues change as we move into the dreaded Chicago winter season? One color that I'm stuck on is this burnt orange/rust movement. It's an ideal fall color but what about in the winter? I know at the end of the day, it's all about what you're confident & comfortable in but what color hues are more suitable for the winter. Grays & blacks?

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I’m a fan of wine/burgundy for the season, and I think dieworkwear summed it up nicely.

I think it’s almost inevitable though that most people in the winter go toward grey and black. Most outerwear is in those tones as it’s a generally safe color. But I think if you use a scarf, knit cap, gloves or other accessories to bring out an accent color or pattern to contrast against those neutral tones.

If you’re feeling rust as a color, get some rust items. I say go with what you personally like and make it your thing.


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