Do you know anything about Wilfred Newman? They are having a 50% off sale on Gilt local. Any ideas?

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No clue. Looked over Yelp and there’s only 5 reviews and StyleForum seems to be pretty empty.

I really, really don’t like the idea of buying a flash-sale tailoring deal. Sure, it’s a “bargain”, however, unless you have a prior relationship with that tailor and know he’s great, why would you put down ~$500 into such an unknown transaction? You’re acting out of blindness without even having had a conversation with the tailor or know anything about his work.

I’d rather pay twice as much and know what I’m getting instead of half as much and later regret it. Just my thoughts.

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  1. noahzagor said: Don’t know anything about him, but I was quite underwhelmed by the cut of the suits and jackets in the pics on his site. And well, you know how McDonald’s food always looks better in pics and on TV then when you get it in person? I’m just saying
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