WIWT: 11-16-2011

As stated yesterday, it’s back to the uniform. I had a meeting with a client today, but didn’t want to go for a full-on suit. 

I know I perhaps over-preach my love of this kinda-sorta personal uniform I’ve found for myself, but I never feel bad wearing it. I can see myself easily having a wardrobe full of navy jackets and ties. 

Anyhow, next week I think I’ll do a feature on my wardrobe “essentials” and how I think you can have a full, seven-day wardrobe from just a few elements. Others have done this before, but I’d like to try my hands at it. 

Fit details after the jump:

  • Jacket: Navy flannel blazer (thrifted)
  • Shirt: Brooks Brothers ESF white OCBD
  • Tie: Brooks Brothers navy w/ white stripe silk repp
  • Square: Nordstrom Rack white linen
  • Belt: L.L.Bean chino belt
  • Pants: Brown donegal tweed with rust and blue windowpane (part of suit, thrifted)
  • Socks: Pantherella
  • Shoes: Allen Edmonds Bel Air in walnut calf

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