Would you recommend sizing up on the collar and sleeve? I've heard they shrink significantly.

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RE: Brooks Brothers ESF dress shirts

Non-iron: True to size.

Iron: True to size. 

OCBDs: Sleeves tend to shrink a lot on the white shirts, so I’d maybe size up one in the sleeve. I sized down though in the ecru and university stripe ones. Went TTS on the blue and pink ones.

I haven’t had collar issues, personally. 

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  1. onesandtwos said: I’ve found my OCBD’s in S-L sizing are good (blue, white, pink), but my numeral fitting shirt (gingham) has shrunk in the sleeves.
  2. homolosine said: the collar on the white OCBDs tend to shrink just the slightest bit, which can be really annoying if they fit just right.
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