hi there, was wondering if you could recommend any shirt that has a good spread collar/slim fitting, price range from 50-100. i've tried hugh and crye and am very pleased, and just wanted to see other brands with different designs

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If you’re going to spend that much, why not just go MTM? You can just take measurements off of your existing well-fitting shirts and go to any number of online MTM services and get shirts from $75-100 that’ll fit perfectly for you and have all the details you want. 

If online MTM is too big of a pain for you, then there’s some others you can look at. Brooks Brothers averages $60-80/shirt depending if you buy them on sale or not (and if you buy 3 or more at once). Their extra-slim fit is pretty good. 

Slightly less slim would be Nordstrom’s “Trim Fit” line of shirts. Their John W. Nordstom line uses pretty good fabrics that hold up nicely. 

Depending on your size, you might be able to fit into some other retailers that use S/M/L sizing, but I have zero experience with them, since I have longer arms. 

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