Chicago Meet up - December 19th


German Beer and Christmas Sweaters…

You couldn’t beat that kind of good time with a stick, especially on the Monday before Christmas.

With that said:

1) Come to the Chicago Christmas Holiday Meet Up, and if you’re not having a good time, have a beer and westfälisches schinkenbrot on me.  

2) Tommy (suitsandboots), Kiyoshi (thesilentist), Eric (theodinspire), Meredith (canarycoal), Ernest (smileifyourewinning) and MANY others will be in full effect for the festivities.

No need to RSVP this time. If you can make it, great. You can check in here, if you wish to.

Where: Brauhaus. 4732 North Lincoln Avenue

When: Monday, December 19th at 7:30pm

As for the Christmas sweaters, go all out!


If you’re in Chicago, then this should be tremendous fun.

Also, I should sidenote that Nat (natw), Noah (noahzagor) Ian (blazerbeams) and The Midwest Style (themidwestyle) have stated they’ll be in attendance.

As always, this meetup is open to any and all — no Tumblr, no #menswear enthusiasm necessary.

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    We hate reblogging links/posts this long, but this sweater…situation…is phenomenal!
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    Couldn’t find a holiday sweater that I actually wanted to wear, nor any awesome plaid jackets. So, red chinos, tartan...
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    last call, and shit i realized i’m wearing nothing christmasy. actually my look is pretty damn summery right now. oops.
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    A final reminder. I’ll be there tonight along...host of other fine folks. Join us! Shout...
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    Come hang out with me and a bunch of other besweatered folk!
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    I won’t be able to make it, but these guys are all pretty awesome.
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    I love the Brauhaus. Liter steins, best soft pretzels in the city, Bavarian Rod Stewart on the mic, old folks dancing,...

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