College student living on campus. What type of style do you recommend under these circumstances? Any wardrobe tips for it? It's sometimes hard to dress up everyday with having 8 am classes and all.

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Obviously, you skip class.

But, if for some reason you actually want to attend those lectures, then I suggest doing something simple: dark denim selvedge jeans, a selection of OCBDs and some quality knit sweaters you can put on in a hurry. Add some nice shoes to the mix (topsiders, penny loafers, chukka boots) that don’t require much lacing and you should be set.

Also: don’t drink so much and play so many damned video games the night before. (Kinda joking, kinda not).¬†

Final parting shot toward college kids: Don’t be afraid to change majors. Don’t think that your major will define what you’ll do for the rest of your life. Don’t feel that failing a class — or in my case three of ‘em, during summer school and getting put on academic probation — is the end of the world. Don’t feel like you have to suck up and say “yes” to everyone. Don’t feel like you have to be perfect. Don’t feel like you have to graduate if there’s a better opportunity or path for you. Don’t think that a graduate degree is worth more than actual experience working. Don’t be unable to take criticism or be wrong.¬†Somehow, things will work out if you follow your passions, work hard at the things you love and are nice to every new person you meet.

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  1. 8bitian said: "Don’t drink so much" is solid advice, but, please, for the love of my hobby/passion, please just play all the video games.
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