what's an ocbd and where can I find some good ones? =/ sorry, I'm new to this menswear thing. everybody has to start somewhere, right?

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OCBD = Oxford cloth button-down. Oxford cloth is a bit heavier and coarser than say a broadcloth shirt. Google it up for more information. Button-down refers to the collar buttoning down to the shirt. 

You can find them pretty much anywhere that sells menswear. My favorite off-the-rack ones come from Brooks Brothers.

If you’re on a budget and are “regular” sized in your proportions, then I’d check out Lands’ End Canvas. Their collars are a bit flimsy and small for my tastes to be worn with some ties, but they’re fairly cheap and often on sale. 

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  1. thinkingwins said: For the homie, Land’s End tailored shirts are said to fit well, and have normal collars. Today, 40% off your entire order plus free shipping with coupon code Donner and pin 1585 (per JEsse)
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