I'm curious to hear your recommendations with regards to men's suiting. Say that off-the-rack isn't a viable option due to sizing issues (short and slim), would you recommend going with the online MTM route ($379 - $600 range) and learning from ones mistakes, going with the traveling Hong Kong tailor ($1200 - $2000) and hoping for the best, or saving up for a bespoke suit from a local tailor ($1800 - $2400) with the knowledge that it'd be a fine-tuned and detailed process.

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I would try an in-person MTM service first before going bespoke. Ultimately, you’re going to need to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions before committing money to just any one place. I’d poke around on StyleForum and see what others have to say about MTM places in your area (or traveling tailors).

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  1. sweatshorts said: There are traveling Hong Kong tailors wayyyyyyyy cheaper than $1200. Lots of em.
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