What is a your favorite place to find some good knit sweaters?

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My only one I have is from Lands’ End Canvas last year. Unfortunately, they don’t make their chunky knits in 100% wool anymore and are blending theirs with synthetic fibers now. Kind of a letdown.

I’ve seen a few great ones at L.L.Bean and Charles Tyrwhitt that seemed promising. I saw a great one at Brooks Brothers today.

If I had crazy rich person money, I’d be looking at Ovadia & Sons, Patrick Johnson, Drake’s and Howard Yount.

It really just comes down to your budget and pickiness over what you want out of a chunky knit sweater. My preference is wool or cashmere in button-up cardigan style and shawl collar.

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  1. evolvingstyle said: I’m gonna second eBay. The chunky sweater in my avatar - although not cashmere - is beautifully made, and stupidly cheap on the ‘Bay.
  2. thisfits said: Poke around a bit and LEC has some options, including few 100% lambswool options (eying one that just went on sale). That said, my best pieces are vintage cashmere on eBay. Best bang for buck.
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