Wow! My evolving style has led me to the exact same wardrobe. I posted about it on SF on a thread called "Sid Masburn Look", but it actually evolved straight into what you're doing when I got a perfect fitting vintage blazer. What are your thoughts on bow ties with this look? I think is harder to make work, but the right one works (I use a BB Social Primer bow tie, others look off)? Also, APC denim with this look? I'm only wearing BB shirts too, but I'm doing the Ainsley collar. Excellent post.

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I remember that thread! I would love to buy things from his shop, especially some neckwear, however, he seems to only sell slimmer ties online at the moment. That new navy blazer though is lustworthy. I may have to start saving my scratch up.

As far as bowties go, I’m personally not a fan of wearing a bowtie. I just get frustrated tying one (seriously spent 15 minutes in front of a mirror on NYE trying to get mine tied) and would rather have the elongating effect of a necktie.

That said, more power to you if you want to go with a bowtie and make it your thing. I think using almost any sort of repp-stripe pattern would look great, although like all neckwear, it’s fun to have season fabrics, too. For me though, I’ll just keep my black bowtie around for formalwear.

In regards to which denim (or just specifically APC denim), I’m not stressing out too much over what jeans I wear. I have a pair of Levi’s 501s and Edwins. I might get a pair of 3sixteens in the somewhat near future. Really, I say just get what fits you the best. If that happens to be APC and you think it’s worth the price, buy it. I’m not a denimhead, and my only real rule would be to avoid bootleg, pre-faded, embelished denim, like True Religion, even if GQ is endorsing them now. Seriously, what the hell is that? “Editor’s pick”? How much money did they get paid to say that?

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