So, I'm getting married in semi-Northern California (think mountains and trees, not beach or vineyards) in July and seeking knowledge from the tumblrsphere. I want to get a new suit, shoes, etc, but I'll have a pretty tight budget. I'm thinking I'll be capped around $1500. Any suggestions on where to start?

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I’ve seen you’ve asked several others this question so far as well, and I think they’ve given some great answers. $1,500 is actually a decent budget to work with. 

If you set aside $300 for a pair of Allen Edmonds (I’d recommend black Park Avenues), then you’ve got about $1,200 to burn on a suit. Minimal Musings gave a great suggestion about a using Kent Wang’s $85 wedding tie. You can search around on eBay for vintage mother-of-pearl cufflinks for $15 easily. So, we’re at $1,100 now. 

I’d recommend getting a proper dress shirt MTM. If you have a dress shirt that’s already well-fitting for you, then maybe use that as a basis to order something from BiasedCut or another online MTM service. Get it with a French front, no pocket and French cuffs. Should run you about $100. Down to $1,000 now, which is nothing to slouch at.

That puts you in the price range of anything at J.Crew and also at Brooks Brothers at full retail. You could swing something from Brooks Brothers right now on sale, just remember to avoid pinstripes and gravitate yourself toward darker tones (charcoal, navy) in solids.

So, that’s my recommendation. Also, treat-yo-self to some nice over-the-calf socks. Howard Yount has a lot of pairs in navy and grey tones right now on sale for around $25/pair. You won’t regret this splurge, trust me.

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