Blue spring, blue summer

Ever so often, I am asked by some how my uniform experiment is progressing. I haven’t done many WIWT posts, because I simply wear the same thing each day working from home

But I do find myself leaving the apartment from time to time and even with the limited amount of items I brought with me for my temporary move out to the West Coast I’ve managed to have a variety that still sticks to the uniform concept and blue color palette I’ve chosen.

Below are a few looks I put together that I plan on wearing for the upcoming spring and summer months. The unifying item is the blue OCBD, which I think gives me a good fundamental building block to start with as I pick what else to put with it. 

Another thing I’d like to stress is that each of these items could all be mixed and matched with each other — for the most part. For me, having a unified monochromatic color scheme simplifies not only my purchases, but also with coordinating a look together without much thought. 

And while I wouldn’t expect such a restrictive style choice to be appealing to everyone, it’s worth noting that those who want to involve more colorful or varied pattern options can easily do so by removing one element and inserting another quite easily.

Swap out denim and put in a colorful pair of chinos. Remove the blue OCBD and insert a gingham shirt. Get a wild-patterned and brightly-colored sport coat instead of a blue blazer. 

Your warm-weather months need-not be just blue. 

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