It’s on sale: Lands’ End — Everything at Lands’ End is on sale right now, with an extra 30% off with code ENJOY30 with PIN 1850. And this includes merchandise already on sale and also Lands’ End Canvas. Plus, you get free shipping if you spend $50 or more.

(Unfortunately, their Allen Edmonds shoes are not included.)

You can definitely pick up a Put This On co-signed suit and trousers for about $150 total, which is a really good deal if you don’t have a basic suit yet (or just need some workhorse ones on the cheap).

But, it’s really worth checking out their sale section as you’ll find quite a few great deals — and the extra 30% off stacks on top of their clearance items. 

Worth checking out:

Sale ends midnight on Monday.

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  7. jiforce said: PSA to everyone: I tried to buy some stuff yesterday, but free shipping doesn’t apply unless your cart has at least one non-clearance/sale/Classifieds (etc.) item in it. Or rather, you only get free shipping if you buy at least one full-price item…
  8. ajamison said: Wow, some crazy deals here. Going to have to pick up a few essentials I’ve been needing.
  9. evolvingstyle said: Unfortunately, the tailored fit year rounder suit jacket is several short of sizes on the true navy and charcoal.
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