Howard Yount 2012 summer suits & jackets

Howard Yount will be releasing their summer collection of sport coats, suits and a blazer this week. Frankly, this is something I’ve been excited about for a very long time and I was thrilled that Jamison at Howard Yount gave me a sneak peak at the season’s offerings. 

The most notable addition, in my opinion, is the introduction of a double-breasted suit in a navy cotton-linen fabric (also available in single-breasted). You don’t see a whole lot of double-breasted suits offered in ready-to-wear, let alone one in a summer weight and partially lined to keep you a bit cooler. And while the suit certainly would look great at more formal occasions throughout the summer, you could also break the suit up and wear each piece casually, too. Pair the jacket with some white denim or beige chinos and the trousers with a polo. 

In fact, three of the four suits in the line could easily be worn as separates — the patch pockets on the single-breasted navy suit and the glen-plaid linen suit sets them toward the casual suiting spectrum. 

I’m personally excited to get the grey tropical wool suit. It’s not easy to find more conservative suiting with little lining and in a summer weight that’s still fit to be worn to a more formal business environment or event. If you’ve ever worn a suit with a full (synthetic) lining in 80-degree or hotter weather, then you know quickly you wish to have an alternative. While I don’t wear suits much anymore, having that option in my closet is a welcome addition to the wardrobe.

Of course, there’s also a "California Tuxedo" option for those of you looking for it: a navy summer blazer. I have last year’s model (a different fabric), but the concept is still the same: a lighter navy tone with brushed brass buttons and an open-weave wool fabric with minimal lining to keep you cool. I love my summer blazer from Howard Yount that I bought last year and it’s lightness is amazing. 

Finally, there’s the range of seven sport jackets that have fabrics from the likes of Zegna, Carlo Barbera and Reda. There’s a wide range of options for the more conservative in you — such as a gun club plaid and a black & white herringbone — to the more dandified — with a royal blue cashmere-silk and a purple wool. 

As far as pricing goes, jackets will be $549 (except the cashmere-silk jacket) and suits starting at $599, which I think is really competitively priced when compared against other jackets of similar quality. 

And, one more thing: For those of you excited about the double-breasted suit, you’ll be thrilled to note Jamison has plans to bring it back in the fall in a grey flannel. 

See the entire collection after the jump:

Navy linen-cotton single-breasted suit

Grey glen plaid linen suit

Grey tropical wool suit

Royal blue cashmere and silk sport coat

Gun club plaid wool sport coat

Red, white & blue microhoundstooth sport coat

Black & white herringbone linen sport coat

Purple wool sport coat

Green windowpane sport coat

Blue windowpane linen & wool sport coat

Navy open-weave wool summer blazer 

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