Great blog. I'll be starting a graduate assistantship in the fall and the preferred dress code is shirt and tie. Here's the thing, I don't like wearing a shirt and tie by itself; in other words I never wear a tie without a blazer, or a v-neck sweater at the very least. How do I go about: 1. Staying in the preferred dress code 2. Not looking like I'm trying to outdo anyone, i.e. my bosses 3. Not compromising my personal style rules?

- Asked by Anonymous

I’d try and go more casual with the jackets. Tweed in the fall and winter. Washed cotton or linen in the summer. You could also opt to wear cardigan (either fine merino knits or chunky shawl collared wool) or V-neck sweaters. 

I think the key is to dress more on the casual/country style than formal/city style. 


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