It’s on sale: Lands’ End Canvas poplin shirts — For those on the ramen-noodle budget, LEC is having a sale on many of their shirts for $20 each. Plus, you get $20 off any order of $75 or more and free shipping with code PAPA and PIN 5130 — that brings the price to just $15 per shirt if you buy four of them.

Poplin is a bit lighter in terms of cotton shirting, but it also wrinkles a bit more than other types of cotton shirting. In my opinion, this makes it a decent choice of casual summer shirts, especially those with bright patterns that hide wrinkles and are less formal — perhaps worn with a pair of chinos and jacket-less. Might not be as cool to wear as madras or linen, but certainly a good alternative at this price. 

To see LEC’s shirts on sale, clockwise from upper left: large plaid, mini-stripebutton-down collar and checkered.

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