Suit Supply in Chicago — More than a week ago, I went to the Suit Supply store opening in Chicago. And after touching the clothing, talking to mrdanger and greyongray, trying a few things on and seeing the products for themselves, I’m really glad the retailer picked Chicago as their second state-side location. 

The interior is wide open and modern in its design. It’s not stuffy and covered in earth tones like you might find at other men’s clothing stores like Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren in Chicago. The alterationists are out in the open so you can see them work. The terrace is nice and gives you a great view of Oak & Rush. The walls and shelves are white and well-lit. There’s a minimal amount of table displays and a huge wall of suits. 

Just looking at the store, it creates the atmosphere of being more fashion-forward, more youthful and more wiling to bombard your eyes with every color and variation available in a grid-like layout. It’s more logic-based than trying to create a certain universe.

I didn’t get a chance to try on a full suit, but I did try on a few sport coats (Washington fit) and they definitely fit slim, only needing a sleeve alteration for me. The coats felt comfortable to move around in and the fabrics were impressive. The only jackets I’ve tried on that have fit better off-the-rack and needed no adjusting was L.B.M. 1911 — so only needing a sleeve alteration makes this a good competitor and alternative. 

What’s really great though is the pricing. $300 for a sport coat seems highly competitive to me. Suits starting at $400 makes them virtually a no-brainer for finding a suit under the $500 mark in Chicago. If I actually needed a suit in the future (unfortunately, I really don’t with my current job), then this would be the first place I’d go. 

On the topic of MTM, I talked with Zach, who is Suit Supply’s MTM specialist at the Chicago store, about their variety of options. Here’s how it breaks down:

Suiting: There are two lines available, one with more possible adjustments. Of course, price can be higher depending on what fabric you pick. Also, it should be noted that tuxedos can be done MTM at either price for no additional upcharge. All the usual options are available, including pocket types, linings, buttons, etc.

  • Red Line: a full MTM suit using 62 adjustments, starting at $849. (However, Suit Supply is doing a small promotion where a selection of fabrics are on sale for $669 through August 1st.) 
  • Blue Line: a semi MTM using 12 adjustments, starting at $599. 

Blazers can also be done. For instance a navy twill 120s Barberis wool can be done for $619. Shirting starts at $199, with 17 collar options for one program and 35 for the other with more than 750 available fabrics to choose from. Pants start at $320 and there are 22 possible adjustments for fit.

Zach also mentioned there are also models for MTM topcoats and fall fabrics will be in store mid August. 

If you’re in Chicago, then be sure to check them out. While it’s great they have online retail, it’s hard to beat putting things on.

(Forgive my lousy iPhone photos. For better images, check out what Yewon and Ryan shot.)

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