Raw silk necktie from Vanda Fine Clothing — Another beautiful piece of neckwear handmade by the team at Vanda, which is becoming dangerously addicting for me. (You can read my prior review of Vanda’s 6-fold grenadine necktie here.)

If you’ve been following their Tumblr, you’ll have noticed they’re doing quite a few slubby raw silk ties. So, I asked Gerald if they had any navy pieces of neckwear coming in the future and he was kind enough to give me a peek at what fabrics were forthcoming. And I’ll just add that they have a lot of gorgeous fabrics in the pipeline.

I settled on this navy with a double-bar white stripe silk shantung from Italy and placed an order. Gerald was also kind enough to offer to monogram my tie as a preview of their new monograming service they offer. 

As you can see from the detail photos, the handwork is phenomenal and the pictures don’t do the fabric justice. The shantung is amazingly soft despite it’s rough appearance and yet has some toughness and weight to it. 

Like all of Vanda’s ties, it’s 6-fold, untipped with hand-rolled edges, no keeper and this one happens to be unlined, too. The monogram is discretely placed inside one of the folds. I think the monogram is a great touch, especially if you were to give one of these ties as a gift (and Vanda ships each tie in a great giftbox, too). 

As for how it knots, I was a bit worried about the thickness of the raw silk combined with the 6-fold construction would make for a bulky knot, but as you can see it works just fine and leaves a good dimple rather easily. 

Overall (and unsurprisingly), I’m more than satisfied with the purchase. The ties from Vanda are something really great.

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