WIWT: 07-24-2012 — It’s been pointed out to me by acutestyle that I no longer do WIWT shots anymore. It’s true, as I rarely leave the house and wear something slightly interesting. But today I had lunch downtown with a friend and with temperatures in the low 80s, and took the opportunity to wear a necktie. 

I’ve still been keeping my color palette toward blues and neutral tones. I feel like that’s more a part of my uniform now than anything. It’s much simpler to deal with. I get the appeal of color in the summer (I have some colorful items still in the closet), but I feel it’s easier to make an outfit seasonal for summer by just wearing lighter tones and shades of white. 

Summer has caused me to jettison wearing denim regularly in favor of linen-cotton trousers, but I also give these seersucker trousers frequent rotation, too, that I orphaned from a suit from Haspel I bought a few years ago. 

The shirt is from MyTailor.com and is a linen-cotton blend in a light blue with a very subtle white stripes. The Hemrajani brothers still make the best MTM shirts in my opinion and I’m glad I got this made for summer. I got re-measured while at the StyleForum 10th anniversary party’s vendor showcase and it arrived just in time for the heatwave. 

The necktie is from Sette Neckwear, which I also picked up at the vendor showcase. It’s got a neat story behind it that I’m saving for a future post. 

Other items: summer navy blazer from Howard Yount, belt from Bill’s Khakis, socks and shoes from Paul Stuart, and pocket square from Kent Wang. 

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