Indochino’s “Traveling Tailor” coming to Chicago next week — If you’ve been considering going made-to-measure in suits and shirts and looking online, then you know two things. One, that there’s a ton of options available now of places that will let you fill in your measurements and in a few weeks they’ll send you a suit or shirt. Two, that different operations require different measurements and interpret them differently. 

Frankly, I’m had 50-50 odds on whether online MTM services turn out a decent shirt for me. Some nail it, some miss completely. Because of this, I’ve stayed the hell away from online MTM suiting, because it seems a lot easier to mess up and a lot more expensive risk. 

So, I’ve made a personal rule to only do MTM where an in-person tailor takes my measurements. There’s a huge advantage to this process. First, the tailor knows the kind of measurements they want and the way they want them taken. No more guess work. Secondly, the tailor knows how their measurements will be interpreted at the point of production. Also, a good tailor will know how to account for sloped shoulders, different arm lengths and your beer gut. 

After becoming one of the largest online MTM suiting companies, Indochino’s now moving to set up temporary shop in physical locations with staff on site to take your measurements, talk you over details and you’ll even get to see finished pieces to get an idea of construction. Their "Traveling Tailor" program seems promising and makes the proposition of going for a MTM suit less risky. 

Their first location will be right here in the Windy City, from August 14 to August 20 at Union Station’s Grand Hall in Chicago. 

For those of you not in Chicago, I asked Indochino about any future cities they may pop-up in and while no plans are set in stone yet, you can go to this page and enter your email and city under “Where should we go next?” to ask them to consider visiting your neck of the woods. 

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  1. counsinzoidfarb said: Full disclosure, I have purchased a suit from Indochino, before their traveling tailor, and I very much love it.
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