WIWT: Wandering the beach — I had no plan for my trip to Lake Tahoe (more specifically, Incline Village), so I just took my rental car along the highway that circles the lake and looked for “scenic overlook” signage to pull over at and public beaches to wander around. 

I’m not an “outdoors-y type” of person — I’d rather not camp, hike, mountain bike, ski, etc. — I really do prefer civilization and being an urbanite. But I do enjoy sitting still, thinking and looking at something that’s impossible for man to ever make on his own. And if I ever have the opportunity or idea to take such a trip, I’m glad to go. 

Next time though, I’ve got to remember to pack a lunch. 

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    This is absolutely perfect.
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    Neat and on the rocks. Sometimes you can have it both ways.
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