Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the wedding of my friends (and former college newspaper co-workers), Danielle and Vas, for their nuptials on northern Lake Tahoe. There were actually two ceremonies: a Hindu ceremony in the morning and a Western ceremony in the early evening. Both were delightful.

About a month ago, Vas asked me to help him find a suit or tuxedo for his wedding’s evening ceremony. Like a lot of young couples getting married, the budget was a concern — but he didn’t want something cheap and bad looking either. I suggested he check out Suit Supply’s tuxedo and it’s what he went with. 

When you consider that “tuxedo” rentals from the likes of Men’s Warehouse are pretty terrible, buying your own tuxedo seems like a better deal. You’ll look great and you can probably find several times in your life to wear it (like New Year’s Eve).

Photo Credit: Beck Diefenbach, who’s another friend of mine and an incredible photojournalist and who also does wedding photography work, too. If you need a freelance photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, you should contact him.

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