It’s on sale: J.Crew — J.Crew is having a 25% off sale with code STYLE25, now thru Sunday, September 30 on purchases of $150 or more. While their “In Good Company” collaborations and tailored clothing are not included, there’s still a lot of items and staples worth looking at for your fall wardrobe — such as sweaters. Here’s a few I’ve highlighted:

Slim merino wool v-neck, crewneck and cardigan sweaters: Perfect for layering under a blazer or sport coat without adding too much bulk. I personally prefer cardigans ($66.75 on sale) for when wearing a necktie, but those of you looking for a more casual outfit could go tieless and with a crewneck ($58.50 on sale) and button-down collared shirt under a sport coat. 

Lambswool crewneck and v-neck sweaters: Looking for a warmer fabric and planning to go sans-sport coat? Lambswool will be a great choice — and it’s cheaper, too, at $48.45 a sweater on sale. I wear my lambswool v-necks with an OCBD and under my waxed cotton jacket and selvedge denim, which makes for a great casual outfit for a trip to your local dive bar.

Lambswool fair isle sweaters: Countrywear that I think is an acquired tasted (admittedly, I’ve yet to find myself wearing one), but many seem to like it. Several different styles for $88.50 on sale.

Donegal lambswool chunky knit cardigan: If you don’t have a chunky knit cardigan in your wardrobe yet, you’re missing out. They’re super comfortable and a great casual piece that you can wear around the house and throw on under a parka. You really only need one nice one, and at $96.00 this isn’t a bad price. It’s the kind of sweater that keeps you warm and always looks great. 

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    My two cents is to pick up a Slim Slub Merino Sweater. Suede elbow patches are always a great way to add some interest,...
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