Jersey blazer roundup

Since leaving government work and not having to visit an office on a daily basis, my wardrobe has shifted toward the casual spectrum. My much-cherished navy wool blazers go rarely used, sitting in canvas garment bags. 

A Suitable Wardrobe points out how the navy blazer sits in an odd “no-man’s land of formality” — and I suppose he’s mostly right, even if I tend to ignore his wisdom in my personal practice. Despite this, I think there’s an alternative to the traditional blazer that will probably be better suited for those of you in casual environments that don’t require a navy wool hopsack: the jersey knit cotton blazer.

Often unconstructed and lightweight, they exist as a hybrid, looking a bit more refined than a simple sweater, but not as formal as an odd jacket. They’re super comfortable to wear and most are extremely affordable, too. 

I purchased mine from Brooks Brothers (please ignore the terrible styling shot they have) and have been quite pleased. I think it looks best with jeans, an OCBD and a silk knit tie. 

There’s quite a few options available in a variety of price ranges. Depending on your lifestyle, you might end up wearing one of these more often than a regular navy blazer. 


Lands’ End rib-knit winter blazer

Brooks Brothers jersey blazer

Suit Supply Boston cotton double-breasted blazer

Charles Tyrwhitt jersey tailored fit blazer

Tommy Hilfiger trim-fit jersey blazer

Gant Rugger jersey hopsack blazer

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