Some closet cleaning coming up tomorrow


  • Baracuta G9, olive green, 38R original fit
  • Nick Hilton olive harrington jacket, size medium (fits more for a 40-42R)
  • Four staple ties: solid navy Polo RL twill, vintage indigo Brooks Brothers raw silk, vintage Drake’s navy/light blue repp stripe, Drake’s dark blue w/ white spots waffle textured silk
  • Harris Tweed blazer, 38L

Mainly just eBay buys that didn’t work out for me personally, or ties that I’m not wearing enough to keep around. If you’re interested, email me at kiyoshimartinez@gmail.com.

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  1. gezzaseyes said: Hi Kiyoshi, I just emailed you for pics and prices of the Baracuta and the two Drake’s ties. Kind Regards, Gerry
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