Crain's Chicago: The Death of the Tie in Business Dress

Truly disheartening trend piece from Crain’s Chicago Business about the state of business attire. It seems wearing suits sans necktie is now not so subtly being favored, but outright requested at events:

“Business attire, no ties” reads the invitation for the second annual Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center Momentum Awards Dinner Wednesday night at Millennium Park.

For the stylish executive, what does “business attire, no tie” mean? “A dark suit, no tie and a white shirt,” said John Jones, partner at George Greene menswear boutique on Oak Street. “Not a patterned shirt, white. It’s of the moment.” Why no ties? “Literally, they want you to be unbuttoned.”

Sadly, I imagine this isn’t just common practice in the Windy City. It’s one thing if people are working in a decidedly casual workplace, but I just find the concept of “business attire, no tie” as particularly distasteful. Why not demand white crew socks with Teva sandals be worn with the chalk-stripe double-breasted? 

The article postulates the sorrowful trend comes from the tech sector, with everyone looking to be taken more seriously while dressed down — perhaps throwing an orphaned suit jacket on over a graphic T-shirt and jeans. Lots favor it, but I find it really incoherent to blend tailored clothing with what is essentially streetwear. 

I understand the need for people wanting to blend in and dress to the occasion and invitation, however, as Capt. Picard once said, “The line must be drawn HERE!" At some point we need to stand up to ridiculous, made-up dress codes and say, "I will wear something appropriate, but I won’t cater to someone’s idea of fashion without taste." 

It’s the only way to prevent ourselves from becoming complicit in this blasphemy:

"Our black tie is no tie."

The sartorial legends stir in their graves.

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    The sad state of the world today.
  5. drwiley00 said: Talking about drawing a line about made up dress codes while upholding another made up dress code, albeit one that has existed as tradition for quite a bit of time. What difference does it make to you? You don’t like it? Don’t participate.
  6. fromsqualortoballer said: All of my bosses wear suits without ties most days. Some even keep a pre-tied tie (ugh) in their desk “just in case.” It’s sad, really - I work in an office of 250 in the financial district of SF and I’m one of two men wearing ties…ever
  7. eclecticstyles said: Unfortuantely, I also see this far too often. It makes me cry and die a little inside. It really is the worst look. I kind of think shorts and a scraggly hoodie look better than “business attire, no ties.” At least they aren’t destroying beauty.
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    That black tie remark made me want to curl up into a ball and shut out the world. Oh wait, I just did that. People need...
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  10. pindotsandgrenadine said: Suit with no tie is like wearing a condom in bed when you are alone. It’s no fun.
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    Zak, it really pleases me to see you as such a fashionable young man. High fives for you.
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    Yup. This is bad, and whoever thought of it should feel bad.
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