Haberdash in Chicago offering MTM Hertling trousers this weekend — I forgot to mention this yesterday, but now thru November 12, Haberdash is offering a deal on their made-to-order trousers from Hertling.

Besides being able to get sized correctly for a pair (or several) of trousers, you’ll also get $60 off two pairs, $140 off three pairs and $220 off four pairs. The selection is rather vast — there’s more than 100 different fabrics to choose from — and delivery is within three weeks. 

If you’re not familiar with Hertling, they manufacture trousers here in the United States — more specifically Brooklyn, New York. They’ve been making white-label trousers for several menswear brands for quite a while (the company was founded in 1925) but now have pushed to make more of a name for themselves. You can read an interview with their owner, Julius Hertling, here.

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