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We want to give a warm “welcome back” to Kiyoshi Martinez, who will now be contributing to our blog on a regular basis. Kiyoshi wrote our “Ramen Noodle Budget” series earlier this year, which focused on how men can dress better without spending a fortune. He’ll be writing posts here again in the same spirit, including a more regular coverage of notable menswear sales. This will be in addition to pumping up the sales roundup we do every week for The Inside Track. So, welcome back, Kiyoshi – we look forward to your posts. 

A big “thank you” to Jesse, who sent me a very nice message last week asking if I’d like to contribute on a more regular basis to Put This On. Originally, I thought I wouldn’t have the time, however, the next day I was let go from my job*. Not an elegant solution, but I’m really stoked about the opportunity. 

As the post says, I’ll be focusing on doing sales roundups for PTO and also writing some various other things, too. One of which will be a (hopefully) weekly roundup of links of the best men’s style articles I’ve seen on the web. If you write something great, then email me

And today or tomorrow I’ll be starting the first part in a series on black tie. Should be fun!

(* If anyone out there is looking for someone to do content marketing on contract, email me. Or, if you know of any copywriting, communications or writing-related gigs, let me know, too. And, yes, I’m also giving thought about pursuing a career in menswear now since now seems like an ideal time to switch stuff up — I’m all ears at this point!)

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