My tuxedo — Felt good to wear this last night. A breakdown of the fit:

Tuxedo: Vintage find on eBay U.K. It’s a midnight blue mohair with black satin shawl collared lapels with jetted pockets and unvented. Trousers have side adjusters and are flat fronted. I felt pretty lucky to buy this at the price I paid — around $200 — and it’s been a good investment, even if I only wear it once a year.

Shirt: Made-to-measure from Spoon Tailor in San Francisco. It’s a marcella bib front and has a lightweight poplin collar, cuffs, sleeves and shirt body. I opted for a fly front to avoid having to mess with studs and kept the mother-of-pearl buttons thin so they wouldn’t stick up under the placket. Rounded French cuffs and a standard spread collar with elongated points so they would stay under my jacket’s lapels. 

Cummerbund and bowtie: Both are from Fine & Dandy Shop. First time wearing a cummerbund this year and I didn’t find I minded it as much as I thought I would. 

Pocket square: Howard Yount. White linen. Simple and I wear it with everything else anyway. 

Cufflinks: Vintage mother of pearl and double-sided found on eBay. The only pair I wear with my French cuff shirts. Not bad for under $15. 

Socks: Marcoliani via Howard Yount. Black silk, thankfully blended with some nylon so they stay up on the calves. 

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo black patent leather captoes via eBay. I’m fairly certain I bought these for under $100 and they’ve held up nicely. To spruce them up a bit, I added silk laces. 

Things I would like to add in the future: white silk braces and braces buttons to my trousers. Also, perhaps having my tailor add a lapel buttonhole for a carnation. 

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