A list of menswear Tumblrs that I follow

So, this list is really long — well over 100 people. But they are who I follow and if you’re looking for fresh faces, ideas and such on your Dashboard, then consider this a list of suggestions. I’ve also put this list on my “links" page, which was getting really outdated and needed updating.

Obvious disclaimer: This list isn’t ranked in any specific order (although my first few people I followed are toward the top-ish) and it’s in no way a thorough and conclusive list of people tumblr-ing about menswear.

The full list after the break:

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    Co-sign (As though that carries...weight). Seriously,
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    Big up to the Silentist. A must follow.
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    In case anyone out there follows my tumblr for menswear/manstyle (you probably shouldn’t, it’s just reblogs here, ha!),...
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    shout-out, man. Check out...most underrated menswear blogs out there.
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    That’s quite a list
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