The tie safety pin — I recalled Derek writing at Put This On about pinning a tie using a safety pin and one random night several weeks ago while trolling eBay I thought to look for one. 

Most of the ones I found were very typical looking, but recalling Derek’s advice to search for a kilt safety pin, I found this interesting pin that featured a textured and twisted pin for about $12. The seller still has quite a few left for those interested.

As someone who’s not used to pinning his tie or wearing a tie clip, it’s kind of odd. You have to be sure to pin the tie to adjust for allowing your neck to look upward as it lifts the tie. When you’re looking down to pin the tie, gravity takes the tie lower than it’s “natural” point, causing it to pull once you move your neck back up after pinning. 

The pin itself is rather thick, so I actually pin the tie through the buttonhole of the shirt and then through the holes in the silk knit. Honestly, this process is a bit frustrating and time consuming. For this reason, I think I actually prefer a tie clip instead as it’s much quicker to operate — the downside is that it’s not as secure as the safety pin for staying in place. 

I can’t say I’m sold on pinning a tie, but it is nice for keeping your tie out of the way if you find yourself to be a person who removes their jacket with any sort of frequency (provided you’re wearing it correctly). If I had a functional need for it, I could see actually using it. But since I don’t, I think mine will likely sit unused and out of sight, too, for the foreseeable future.

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