Proper Suit summer fabrics & unstructured jackets

Last week, the guys from Proper Suit let me know they had new fabric books in for spring and summer. 

Since my review of Proper Suit back in November, Proper Suit has been featured in Esquire's Style Blog and Bloomberg TV — it’s good to see a Chicago men’s clothing company get some national level attention — and they’ve now opened up a 3,600-square foot office in Chicago’s River North area to take local Chicago appointments. 

But the stuff I’m really excited about are their new fabrics for the warmer seasons. The variety of lightweight wools, linens, cottons and wool-silk-linen blends offer an exciting buffet of choices for odd jackets in the summer — or suits if you intend to go with a more conservative solid linen or seersucker fabric. 

Proper Suit has fabrics available from a variety of Italian mills, including Loro Piana, Zegna, Artison Napoli, Reda, VBC, Delfino, Ormezzano, Solbiati, Imparato and Fintes. 

In addition to these seasonal offerings, Proper Suit told me they’re now offering unstructured jackets as an alternative to their traditional full-canvas construction. Customers have been asking them for a while if they can offer it and they’ve worked with their manufacturer to add the option. 

After some consideration, I picked a 240-gram brown plaid linen fabric with a mid-blue check (seen on the bottom of the first fabric photo above) from Ormezzano. 

For details: brown horn buttons, bemberg lined sleeves, patch pockets, dual vents, notched lapels and of course a 3-2 roll buttoning stance. Because of the unstructured nature of the jacket, we narrowed the shoulders a bit from my suit pattern and raised the armhole slightly. 

I’m excited to see how it turns out an in a few weeks should have photos and a review up for those curious about trying the program. If you’d rather not wait, then you can visit Proper Suit and book an appointment to see the fabrics for yourself. 

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