To my fellow Chicagoans:

Dockers is coming through Thursday and Friday with a gigantic trailer showcasing their spring alpha khakis.

  • There will be complimentary shaves and cuts from Joe’s Barbershop
  • The first 50 visitors each day who say “Khaki Rules” get a free pair of Alpha Khakis. And let’s face it, you say crazier things during the course of your day, i.e. “OMQ ______ liked my vine” etc.
  • GQ Executive Stylist, Brett Fahlgren will be in attendance Thursday 12pm-2pm to hang and talk about the spring line.

- Thursday 11am – 6pm: Pioneer Court (Michigan ave. between Illinois and the river) 

- Friday 12pm-7pm: One Financial Place

Come and hang and get pants. and a shave. and then go to a bar instead of going back to work.

and then go to another bar.

throw out your phone when everyone starts texting you “WHERE R U?”

order cheese fries.

order a shot of vodka.

buy a ticket to california.

and never come back.

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