Custom Project: The Navy Chino Sport Coat, part 2

(For background on what inspired this project, please read part 1.)

It took about two weeks, but I was finally able to pick up my sport coat from the tailor yesterday and the completed project looks fantastic. The coat has completely been transformed from this:

To this (excuse my poor photography skills and not-so-great camera):

The red duck canvas pops from the back and side, adding color where you normally wouldn’t see any. The mother of pearl buttons look much better than the dark plastic buttons they replaced and give the coat a summer feel. From the front, the striping is the only detail that really shows up at first, but it allows you to use other red elements — I went with a slight red stripe in the tie and a white pocket square with red polka dots.

My tailor was really thrilled with how it turned out. He told me that one of the wardrobe people working on the upcoming “Playboy” TV series that’s being filmed in Chicago stopped by to pick up some work they’d given him and remarked they really liked the jacket. So, that’s pretty cool.

Adding on the cuff stripe actually gave my tailor a bit more problems than he originally thought, as he had to open up the sleeves and cuff to sew it on properly. I can’t imagine the headache and time it would’ve taken if I’d asked him to give the jacket surgeon cuffs on top of that.

As for what to wear with this jacket, my initial thought is to keep the shirt simple: white, although I went with a faint navy pinstripe in the shirt, just to give it some variance with the white jeans.

The white jeans might be a bit bold, but honestly I think they completely get pushed to the background with this jacket’s red detailing. I also think it helps keep the look regulated to three colors. I think khaki chinos and grey trousers would work, too, but I just like the look of white denim with this the most.

For a necktie, I went with navy, but wanted to have some color in it. I think a solid necktie actually would work against the jacket, because the red and white colors need to be echoed in the necktie somehow, but only slightly.

In footwear, I think the casualness of boat shoes looks good. Wingtips might be a bit much, although some dirty bucks would probably look nice.

And if you want to look like you’ve been dressed by the Internet, add a Panama straw hat and Ray-Ban aviators:

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  1. suitsandboots said: Wow, the red is pretty bold but the jacket looks great.
  2. steampoweredmedia said: That’s fantastic! Well done
  3. afistfulofstyle said: I would have still liked to see the red contrast button holes. But then again, I have very little taste.
  4. williamstelmach said: Wow! This really does look fantastic. I would have to agree, the white denim really looks great with this. I love the accentuating touches of red in the pocket square and tie. All I have left to say is, damn cool.
  5. acuteobtuse said: Spectacular.
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