The ‘hipster PDA’ wallet

For the longest time, I used a card holder/money clip combination wallet. I probably used that wallet for almost a decade. Nothing’s wrong with it, however, I’ve started to not carry my wallet in my pants and instead carry it in the interior pocket of my jacket. The money clip feels a bit odd in there and sometimes is so small that I have to reach quite a distance into the depth of the pocket to fish it out.

So, I’ve been looking for a new wallet for a while. I wanted something that would stack my credit cards vertically instead of horizontally and wouldn’t get too thick like a traditional bifold.

I found this handmade wallet on Etsy, customized to allow the carrying of index cards, aka “the hipster PDA,” inside via a small folded metal clip.

It folds to just over a half an inch wide with the index cards, which isn’t too bad. I’m debating ditching the cards and maybe even cutting off the fold-over flap, but I’ll carry the wallet for the next month to see how it works out. I don’t typically carry a “hipster PDA” with me, but have once in a while found myself needing some scratch paper. So, maybe this isn’t a bad idea.

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